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Tools for Success


Asset-Map provides a comprehensive experience that engages clients from start to finish and empowers them to make better decisions by getting on the same page - literally.

  • Visualize all the financial elements of a household on a single page/browser

  • Create very simple, but powerful needs-based analysis within minutes that informs clients whether they are on-track to funding their most important goals: Loss of Life, Disability, Long-term Care, Education, Retirement
  • Collaborate on households between joint-work partners, colleagues, and mentees while using staff and delegates to leverage the work effort

  • Give clients an understanding of the bottom line and how to act, facilitated by a professional who knows what's important
Client Centered


Investors seek information. They want to know what a financial professional does, how their lives are going to be changed, and what they need to do. This is the opportunity they would get working with an Equitable Advisors South Florida financial professional. With the volatility of markets, regulatory changes, and rising concerns about retirement, our financial professionals employ a Risk First Approach to illustrate opportunities for investors. Risk First sets financial professionals apart from the rest as a holistic and tactical approach to managing the right amount of risk. It’s the added service like when the waiter recommends a certain series of dishes because he knows your instincts.

Client Centered


Our virtual meeting platform provides an A-class client experience from anywhere, at anytime. Whether it’s from your office, the comfort of your own home, or while you’re traveling, we give you the power and flexibility of having a full meeting experience on your computer, phone or tablet.